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The Rebel Wine Club

Why do I need need to join The Rebel Wine Club?

Indulge in familiar, new and unknown varieties and styles

This is probably the simplest and most undeniable of all the reasons here. If you’re on our website, socials, or having a quick read through our emails, you’re somebody with a curious palette. Although we’d never knock your old faithful Cab Sav, or that hits the spot every sunny day Chardonnay, trying different varietals and flavours is the only way you’re going to discover your next favourite wine.

Wine Revolution™ subscriptions are all about delivering you hand-selected wines from a lengthy list of varietals, styles and regions. We’re all about choice, transparency and flexibility. Choose from with 11 different packs, no lock in and actually know what wines will be delivered.

Choose how often, stop anytime

Like all leaders of a rebellion, the odds are that you probably don’t much like being told what to do. Our subscriptions allow you to choose how often you receive a box of grapey goodness, and for how long.

Want to amp up your delivery rate because your birthday’s coming and you just don’t trust anyone else’s nose like you do your own? That’s fine.

Want to leave a bit of gap before your next delivery as you forge ahead with a separate voyage of discovery? Just let us know.

Lock in your pack price

Getting a good deal is always cause for a small celebration. When you nab any of our subscriptions, you guarantee yourself that the cost of any box of wine won’t rise the entirety of your subscription.

If that’s not enough, pack prices are always guaranteed to be lower than purchasing the same number of individual bottles.

We’ll shower you with (occasional) gifts

Be honest, having curated wine packs knocking on your day every so often is already pretty cool. BUT, because we care that you care, we’ll sprinkle a little extra something in your pack every now and then to make sure your curiosity is through the roof. Cool gifts that are made ethically and that you will actually use.

Drink happy guarantee

If you don’t love a wine we send, we’ll replace it! We could go on and on about how sure we are that you’ll love our wines, but the proof is in the pudding. Don’t like it, get sent another one. Simple.

Change subscription at any time

If you’re years into your rebellion against the ingrained norm and feel like you’re getting to the point where your vegan wine knowledge is so great that we ought to be taking lessons from you, then let us know and we’ll change your pack.

We’ve said countless times that we’re here to help drinkers’ rebel and discover. If you feel you’ve reached the end of a certain path, or that the road is perhaps not quite as smooth as you thought it might be, we’ll let you change it up.

Fighting the good planet fight

By becoming a Rebel Wine Club member  you’re helping smaller wine producers who are giving their everything to produce wine that’s better for you and the planet.

If that doesn’t leave you with a big, wholesome smile on your face, we’re worried nothing else will.