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What goes on at the table, stays at the table…


At Wine Revolution we exist to connect inquisitive and thoughtful wine drinkers to the winemakers who are trailblazing low intervention winemaking. These winemakers typically have a day job and in their spare time lay everything on the line to follow their dream of making their own wine. Wine that puts fruit first, wine that truly represents the soil it’s grown from, wine that connects you to the place it’s from.

One such winemaker is respected Adam Louder, you may of heard of him. His day job is chief winemaker at Mt. Langhi Ghiran, an iconic Victorian winery. Lucky for us in his spare time, he and his partner Nancy Panter have created their own label, SubRosa. It’s great!

Adam at 37 years young, has already 19 years experience working in vineyards and wineries over 28 harvests in five regions and three continents, Adam launched SubRosa with Nancy in his ruggedly beautiful home region of the Grampians in Victoria. Adam works with Viognier, Rosé, Nebbiolo, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon (for release 2019).

SubRosa is a micro-winery producing just 400 cases per year of small batch, low intervention wines. Adam calls his winemaking style intuitive and focuses on low  intervention – with little or no additions throughout the process. He’s also very talented, modest and a lovely family bloke. 

‘I guide the grapes from the vineyard to the bottle and let the grapes do all the hard work. It’s different every season which is what makes winemaking so interesting, you never know what surprises mother nature will present’
Adam, winemaker

SubRosa is latin for ‘under the rose’. In ancient times, a rose was hung over the table as a symbol of secrecy. What was said or happened around the table, stayed at the table. These wines are certainly not keeping quiet, but they are quietly being added to ‘hatted’ restaurants, high-end cafes and Wine Revolution online wine store!

“SubRosa is one of the best new wineries in the 2019 Companion, created by two high performance partners in life and in this exceptional new winery…This is a business that will win gold medals galore should it enter wine shows”.
James Halliday, Wine Companion 2019

The Region

Grapes have been grown in the foothills and valleys of the Grampians’ 360-million-year old mountain ranges since 1867, making it one of Australia’s oldest wine regions. Altitude: 240-440m. Growing season rainfall: 240mm. To the north-east of the Grampians wine growing region is the Pyrenees mountain range a wine region renowned for high quality red wines. The altitude is slightly lower: 220m -375m and growing season rainfall: 220mm.

The grape variety – Nebbiolo

Nebbiolo is most famous in the region Piemonte, in north-west Italy. Wines made in prestige appellations of Barolo and Barbaresco must be made entirely from Nebibiolo. This is a thin skinned variety and characteristically the wine is lighter in colour, higher in acid and tannins which gives it great ageing ability.

The wine – SubRosa 2015 Pyrenees Nebbiolo

Fruit is sourced from the Pyrenees and is a perfect balance of dark fruit, savoury and dried herb flavours with just enough acidity to counter the every so slightly grippy tannins. Matured 12 months in French barriques. No fining or filtration. Vegan-friendly. A wine to be sipped to experience the extra complexity as the wine opens up. Try, try, try!!!!

SubRosa 2015 Nebbiolo can be found in our Low Intervention pack and we have limited quantities.