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Dear Wine, Be My Valentine

A drop of top quality wine is always an appropriate present for that special someone in your life. At the very least it’s the perfect ‘us’ present and you can’t go wrong with that.

Even if you find Valentine’s Day cheesy or not, it’s an excuse to share a bottle of something delicious that will likely bring a smile to both of you.

The problem is, handing over a bottle of wine on any occasion often looks like you forgot all about it, and then frantically raced to your nearest bottle shop the night before to see what you could salvage.

A flash of creativity

In order for your gift to get you the credit you deserve (and we’re going to give you the benefit of the doubt and presume you’ve been sweating this since the turn of the New Year) you’re going to need to get a little creative.

When giving wine on Valentine’s, the more thought put in, the better. Try to find wines with a point of difference, that you’ve been meaning to try, or have a great story attached.

If you can find something that your significant other hasn’t tried before but loves, you’re hopefully going to get some recognition for just how much attention you’ve been paying to their list of wines to try in 2019.

A bit of education

Gifting a bottle (or case for the utterly adored) of wine that lives on beyond its consumption is another sure-fire way to impress.

While wines from a new region or fruit can be a hit, put yourself out there a little bit more and try and introduce your partner to a wine category they know little about. If 2019 is going to see a huge health push in your house, then why not introduce a little organic or biodynamic or preservative free wine so you don’t have to be a complete pair of sinners during those all-important moments of indulgence.

Similarly, if your partner is taking an increased interest in wines made with zero or low additives, why not use Valentine’s to give them a glimpse into the fascinating world of low-intervention wine.

The beauty of introducing your spouse with one of the wines above is that they don’t have to give up enjoying their favourite varietals and styles to learn more. Love lighter reds or sparkling? Great. We have packs dedicated to specific categories or get in touch and we’ll curate a pack especially for you.

Wine and love are still the perfect combination

The gift of wine is perfect for any occasion. Who knows your gift of wine this Valentine’s Day could trigger a new interest, spark a vibrant conversation, and lead both on a new journey of discovering the wines that are better for the planet and you.