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Rebel Wine Chat: Cullen Chief Winemaker Vanya Cullen

Vanya Cullen

Our first Tasting Assembly Online Winemaker Series kicked off with Vanya Cullen, chief winemaker and Managing Director of her family wine company Cullen Wines.  She’s wine industry royalty having won many awards for her winemaking, as well as recognition for Cullen’s leadership and commitment to organics and sustainability. We also featured Vanya in our Women in Wine pack for International Woman’s Day where she reflected on what’s it’s like to be a female in a male-dominated industry.

As a women working in wine, how do you see “equality in the wine industry 2020 and beyond”?

There are many women doing incredible things in the Australian wine industry and it’s changed a lot in this way since I started when there were very few so I think its really good now.. always things to improve on, but we are lucky and blessed

There have been many women trail-blazers in the Australian Wine Industry, is there anyone specific you admire/influenced you?

My mother Diana Madeline, pam Dunsford, first female to graduate from wine school, Anne Claude le Flaive

Can you describe your winemaking style?


Do you have a particular varietal you love working with?

Cabernet sauvignon

What is your proudest achievement to date?

Creating a sustainable wine business

The spotlight is on sustainability across all industries. How important is it to the wine industry to do their bit?

100% important as it is for every human on this earth

Since you started your career in winemaking how has the industry changed in terms of gender equality and opportunities?

More women in the industry and technology has helped that

What do you consider to be the most important attributes to be a successful winemaker?

1% inspiration 99% perspritation

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