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2020 Holiday Wine Guide

Whether kicking back and enjoying some much-needed downtime or holding the fort at work, our Holiday Wine Guide tips and suggestions will be perfect for your brunch, lunch, happy hour, BBQs, gourmet dinners, balmy evenings, or an impromptu wine for ‘quiet time reading a book’. Our holiday wines are food-friendly, big on natural flavours, and are, of course, from healthy, organically-grown, sustainable vineyards.

If you’re like us, over the festive season there’s always a platter of nibbles on the table and a glass of something in hand. No matter how fancy or low key the nibbles, a well-matched wine will get you in the holiday spirit! Pairing wines is easy(ish) if you remember these simple tips:

  • Match the intensity of the food with the intensity of the wine – neither wine nor food should overpower the other.
  • The wine should be more acidic than the food – try a vibrant and crunchy white or rose with fish and chips (we recommend Fairbank Field Blend or Fairbank Rosè).
  • The wine should be sweeter than the food – try a late harvest Riesling with Christmas pud (we recommend Smallfry Late Harvest Riesling).
  • A high acidic wine cuts through the fat to cleanse the palate – try a sparkling wine with a  brunch with the works (we recommend See Saw Prosecco).
  • Like for like flavours –  try a fuller-style chardonnay with a rich creamy shellfish ravioli with (try Mount Avoca Chardonnay), a bold Malbec with a pepper-crusted fillet of beef with (we recommend Cullen Mangan Vineyard PF Malbec).
  • High astringent wines are counterbalanced by fats and oils – try a high tannin style such as Nebbiolo with a cheeseboard (we recommend Billy Button ‘The Elusive’).

Celebration lunch or dinner

Over the holiday festive season, you’re bound to be planning and sharing some memorable celebration meals.

Whether it’s pan-fried fish and chips, a tangy spicy poached Thai chicken salad, fire-grilled meats,  a Persian pumpkin and pistachio roast or rolled stuff loin of pork with rubied gravy. Here are our food-friendly top picks for a festive celebration meal:

Billy Button ‘The Versatile’ VermentinoCitrus – Spice – Textural $27. Vermentino has high acid and citrus flavour profile – pair with white meats, white fish, summer salads. BUY

Heroes Dry Riesling Floral – White Peach – Elegant $32. Delicate floral notes, wonderful minerality, perfectly balanced – pair with oven-baked salmon or your favourite fresh Asian style salad. BUY

Cullen Mangan Vineyard Red Moon Blue Fruits – Savoury – Vibrant $30. A blend of Malbec and Petit Verdot, medium style and structure – pair with your favourite roast or cheeseboard. BUY

Heroes Pinot Noir Bramble – Spice – Elegant $55. A stunning and intense cool-climate Pinot Noir *limited*- perfect for your traditional Christmas meal. BUY

*Each wine features in the Holiday White Pack BUY $155 and Holiday Red BUY $170 six-packs*. Mix and Match and Save 10% on any two Holiday six-packs.

Happy Hour

Whether your happy hour is at two, four, or six in the afternoon, on the beach or in the park, you’ll be wanting to reach for something crunchy, bright and refreshing. We love a Pet Nat, Sparkling, or Rosé, or for something different, try a skin-contact white.

Get your favourite Happy Hour snacks ready for these beauties and dial up the fun for the best part of the day.

Between Five Bells Pet Nat Redberry – Citrus – Dry *limited* $33. Lightly fizzy and refreshing. BUY

See Saw Prosecco Honeydew – Fresh Pear – Lively $27. Dry and refreshing. Perfect after a day on the beach. BUY

2019 Fairbank Rosé Cranberry – Spice – Dry $27. Savoury and crisp to finish. Drink chilled in the backyard with your mates. Or on the beach with your feet in the water! BUY

*Each wine features in the Holiday White, Orange & Rose Pack BUY $175, Holiday Bubbles Pack BUY $185 six-packs*. Mix and Match and Save 10% on any two Holiday six-packs.


BBQs are usually long affairs, drifting through the afternoon to your soundtrack of summer, Cafe Del Mar Chillout anyone? A BBQ needs holiday wines to match the variety of foods: a few lighter styles for pre-food sipping and a dry and rounded red for the meal. Any in the Holiday Wine Park or Mixed White + Red Pack will do the trick we recommend the following:

Vino Volta Method Ancestrale Chenin Blanc $35 Lemon – Grapefruit – Sherbert. Bright, clean, fun, yum. BUY

Jumping Juice Yellow Pineapple – Tangy lime – Fun $27. Its the tropics in a bottle – pineapple and cream – energetic and smashable. Party wine! BUY

2020 Continental Platter ‘Delirium On Skins’ Citrus – Savoury – Crunchy $24. Fiano, Vermentino and Zibbobo, textural, delicious and refreshing. Drink cold. BUY

*Each wine features in the Holiday Park Pack BUY $180, Holiday Mixed White + Red Pack BUY $165 six-packs*. Mix and Match and Save 10% on any two Holiday six-packs.

Impromptu Drinks

The unexpected guest. Reading a book. Watching a day movie. Before you know it a glass of wine is poured and you didn’t know how that happened!  Sparkling, White, or Red? These are crowd-pleasers, don’t need food, but match nicely with a hurried cheese or leftover Christmas cake:

NV Tamburlaine High & Dry Sparkling Peach – Honeydew Melon – Dry $18. Clean, dry and refreshing. Awesome value. BUY

Blind Corner Blanc Stone Fruit – Grassy – Refreshing $19 Easy drinking, mouthwatering, crunchy style. BUY

Billy Button Rosso Red fruits – Savoury – Easy $20 Anytime red, soft tannins with juicy red fruits. BUY

*Each wine features in the Holiday White Pack BUY $155, Holiday Red BUY $170 six-packs*. Mix and Match and Save 10% on any two Holiday six-packs.

The gift of wine

Do you regularly need a last-minute gift (perhaps for that uninvited guest)? A bottle of good sustainably-grown plonk is an easy choice and sure to please! Just make sure you’ve plenty of gift bottle bags.

Continental Platter Chardonnay Peach – Citrus – Lightly oaked $26 Easy drinking, fresh and delicious chardonnay. BUY

Domenica Rose Savoury – Textural – Elegant $26. Beautiful colour, stunning, complex, savoury and elegant. BUY

Fairbank Sangiovese Red Cherry – Savoury Herbs – Juicy $28. Lots of fleshy red fruits think ripe red cherries, medium style. Very popular! BUY

*Each wine features in the holiday Mixed White + Red Pack BUY $165. Mix and Match and Save 10% on any two Holiday six-packs.

Wine Revolution Gift Card

Want to keep your Holiday wine to enjoy in your downtime? Then give your wine-loving friend a Wine Revolution gift card – from $50 – and your friend can go wine shopping. BUY GIFT CARD

You’ve made it this far. Check out The Holiday Packs. Wishing you and your families a safe and happy festive season.