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February Mindful Wine Tips

Mindful Wine Tips

February is the month when some of us set out to go booze-free or what I call a ‘palate reset!’. If abstaining is not for you, consider our ‘mindful wine’ tips.?

Sustainable and Organic wine producer Justin Jarrett of See Saw Wines says, “Wine is a luxury product it’s our responsibility as producers to nurture and protect the land we use.” We couldn’t agree more.? As consumers, we should be doing the same.?

When you buy your next bottle think about the wine’s provenance. How was the fruit grown? What were the winemaking techniques? What’s the philosophy of the winemaker??

Here are our top three February ‘mindful wine tips’:?

1. Sustainability goes beyond soil management, to reduce the impact of wine growing and winemaking activities. Sustainable practices include solar energy, water management, offsetting carbon emissions, and increasing natural biodiversity through worm farming, beekeeping, grazing animals, and plant regeneration.?

2. Winegrowing practices – organic, biodynamic, biological farming – will mean the grapes are grown without chemical additions to the soil. Healthy soils = healthy and better-tasting fruit. We prefer a certified producer to guarantee authenticity but many producers choose not to get certified. Look for the certified logo on the back of the label. Buy from a trusted retailer and do your research.?

3. Wine-making processes – low Intervention or natural winemaking – produce a wine that truly represents the vineyard. Wild yeast, no acid or colour adjustments or physical manipulations. Only minimal sulphur at bottling.?