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Vegan Wine Hacks

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Want to know if your wine is vegan? Read on…

Are you living a vegan lifestyle or increasingly making vegan-friendly choices at the checkout? The excellent news for you is the increasing amount of winemakers making your life easy by telling you about it on their wine label.

Don’t assume all wine is vegan – it’s not. Part of the winemaking process post-fermentation is called ‘fining’ which removes solids from the wine. This part of the winemaking process basically makes white wine clear (there are pros and cons – that’s another post).

There are vegan -friendly agents and non-vegan fining agents available to winemakers. The non-vegan agents are animal-based and include casein (milk proteins), egg albumen (egg whites), fish oil, gelatin (animal protein), and isinglass (gelatin from fish bladder membranes).

The vegan-friendly agents include carbon, bentonite clay, plant casein (such as pea protein), silica gel and limestone. A producer may also use cold or natural settling or use no fining agents, marketing their wine as ‘unfined’.

Vegan Wine Label Hacks

*Symbols – there is no official vegan symbol but look for various plant symbols and vegan smiley faces.
*Wording – if you don’t find a symbol read the marketing blurb and look for ‘vegan-friendly, ‘vegan suitable’ ‘vegetarian suitable’ or ‘unfined’
*By law if milk/egg products must be disclosed on wine label so you’ll know that wine is definitely not vegan!
*No symbol or wording? Do your research and obviously buy from a trusted source.

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