About Wine Revolution

We get you.  You’re environmentally and health conscious, and you want more wine choices that reflect this philosophy. You are behind the growing demand for organic, biodynamic, sustainable and natural wines.

So welcome to the Revolution! To that drink-happy moment when you discover a delicious wine that has been sustainably and responsibly produced.  Because a wine free of chemicals is a happier glass of wine; better for you and the environment.

Wine Revolution™ is a Boutique Company exclusively supporting the passionate winemakers who grow or source fruit from organic, biodynamic and sustainable vineyards, and use low intervention techniques during the winemaking process.  Winemakers dedicated to minimal or no modern technology or additives. It’s not easy to make wine this way, but the result is an authentic expression of the varietal, the vineyard and the winemaker’s skill.

Wine Revolution’s purpose is to make it easy for wine lovers to discover and learn about delicious wines from healthy vineyards and trailblazing winemakers. Whether they’re interested in the health or environmental benefits of the organic and natural wine movement, or are just wanting to expand their wine knowledge, Wine Revolution has a growing range of wines to suit their lifestyle and needs.  All the wines are clearly labelled with how the fruit is grown and whether they are vegan-friendly, preservative free or low sulphur.

We’ve done the research and hand selected each wine. If we don’t love it, we don’t stock it.

Choose from our Rebel Wine Pack range including organic, biodynamic, preservative free, vegan and low intervention.  Create your own Renegades Choice pack from a selection of sparkling, white, rosé, red, orange and pet nats.  For regular customers, the Rebel Wine Club offers flexible delivery options and great savings.

More than a retailer. We also run the Tasting Assembly.  The Tasting Assembly offers personalised and educational tastings for in-home, private and corporate events. Learn, taste and discover these wonderful wines in the comfort of your home with friends and family or at work with your colleagues

Join us and drink happy every time, responsibly of course. We know you’ll enjoy these wines as much as we do.



Founder and Director of Wine Revolution and The Tasting Assembly, Alison Rainey has previously worked in hospitality and media Sales Management, Tyrell’s Wines, Distinguished Vineyards, holds a WSET Level 3 in Wine and Spirits and Executive MBA from RMIT.