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2020 Holiday Wine Guide

Whether kicking back and enjoying some much-needed downtime or holding the fort at work, our Holiday Wine Guide tips and suggestions will be perfect for your brunch, lunch, happy hour, BBQs, gourmet dinners, balmy evenings, or an impromptu wine for ‘quiet time reading a book’. Our holiday wines are food-friendly, big on natural flavours, and are, of course, from healthy, organically-grown, sustainable vineyards.

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The New Zealand wine industry leads the way with their sustainable wine practices and standards. The industry is strongly committed to reducing their environmental impact. There are over 500 wine producers with 10% holding organic or biodynamic certification, and 98% are Sustainable Winegrowing NZ (SWNZ) accredited. Continue reading #COUNTRY SPOTLIGHT – NEW ZEALAND VARIETALS

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#FAQS – Why so many shades of Rosé?

Different types of Rosé

Have you noticed how many shades of rosé you can choose from these days? Historically the market trend was for rosés that were pale pink, low in tannin and enjoyed only in the warmer months. However, the global rise in rosé year-round popularity means most regions and producers have rosé in their range. You’re now spoilt for choice with a broader range of colours from subtle pinks to more deeply pink-red hues, and styles from bone dry to sweet, and simple drink-now to complex and age-worthy.

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Wine Cork

The horror – you have just opened a bottle of one of your favs and something is off. It doesn’t smell or taste the way you remember it. Wine is a natural, living thing – so it is quite possible something has gone awry – but the upside is winemakers always replace faulty wine* and screwcaps lower the chances of wine faults. Rather than suffering through – try our little cheat sheet for the top suspects.

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Why drink low intervention wine

Wine Revolution and Low Intervention Wines

We seek out Low Intervention wine, also called minimal intervention or natural wine because for us they are a greater expression of the vineyard, a vintage, the craft of winemaking and they’re naturally delicious! This niche category of wine are made by small-batch winemakers passionate about making honest wine.

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Vermentino grapes

Australia has one of the most diverse wine scenes in the world – 100+ grape varieties grown across 65 wine regions. We make great Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Riesling, Grenache, and Semillon – but ‘Alternative’ Southern Mediterranean varieties are so well-suited to our winemaking innovation, curiosity, lifestyle, and warming climate. Brush up on some of the best alt. Italian varieties.