2017 Freehand Cloudy Sauvignon Blanc

ProducerEastwell Estate
RegionDenmark, WA
StatusOrganic and Biodynamic practices

Denmark is 400 km south of Perth within the Great Southern Wine Region. ‘Giving a nature freehand’ is the philosophy behind Matt Eastwell’s grape growing and winemaking. The grapes are organic and biodynamically grown without synthetic chemical, but with maximum hands-on attention, winemaking is minimal intervention and made preservative free.


Matt Eastwell

WineSkin contact Sauvignon Blanc, cloudy by nature. Fresh tropical aromas - think passionfruit and jasmine blossom. Textural in the mouth - a little bit of green leafiness, biting lime acidity and a background flavour of salted capers. Try with a strong cheese. Delicious.
Tasting NoteJasmine - Lime - Leafy
DrinkAfternoon delight


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