2017 Gemtree ‘Gemstone’ Shiraz

RegionMcLaren Vale, SA
StatusCertified Organic/Biodynamic with Australian Certified Organic (ACO)

Paul and Jill Buttery established the Gemtree vineyards in McLaren Vale in 1980. Now their daughter Melissa Brown (nee Buttery) is the Biodynamic Viticulturist and her husband, Mike Brown is the Chief Winemaker and Managing Director. For the Butteries and Browns it is not just about winemaking it is about setting new standards for sustainable that leads to a healthy ecosystem for future generations. They see themselves as custodians of the land and are committed to leaving it in a better condition than they found it.


Mike Brown

Website https://gemtreewines.com
ViticulturistMelissa Brown
WineMedium bodied with ripe raspberry and chocolate flavours. Amazing value for money!
Tasting NoteRed Berries – Cocoa - Savoury