2017 Greystone Pinot Noir

ProducerGreystone. North Canterbury, NZ
StatusCertified Organic with Assure Quality (with some Biodynamic Practices)

In 2000 the Thomas Family purchased a farm on the Omihi hills and began work to create the Greystone vineyard. From the outset there was one goal: to realise exceptional wines from the unique terroir.  In early 2014 they began the conversion from conventional to organic viticulture and obtained full certification in late 2016. From vintage 2017 onwards, Greystone Wines will be 100% certified organic. An experimental winemaking process Greystone is successfully using is Underwater Fermentation, which is barrels are submerged in open vats during the fermentation process, resulting in a fresh, vibrant and textural dry style.


Dom Maxwell

Website https://www.greystonewines.co.nz
ViticulturistNick Gill
Wine“Hand sorted at the winery to retain the finest bunches, followed by traditional winemaking, wild fermentation and hand plunging. Low levels of whole bunch provide complexity and layers. Naturally fermented on skins for just under one month, providing tannin, flavour and colour to each small batch. Gently pressed to French oak barrels, 30% new, and aged without racking for 11 months. Bottled onsite without fining." Dom Maxwell
AwardsGourmet Traveller, New Zealand Winemaker of the Year 2018: Dom Maxwell
New Zealand Organic Wine Awards 2016 Organic Vineyard of the Year
Tasting NoteBlack cherry - Plum - Savoury
DrinkDinner party


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