2017 Ngeringa Rose

RegionAdelaide Hills, SA
StatusCertified Organic and Biodynamic with The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA)

At the base of the Mount Barker Summit in the Adelaide Hills sits Ngeringa – a small, straw-bale winery nestled between their vineyards on land certified organic and biodynamic for nearly 30 years – where they strive for the purest expression of terroir and for perfection in cool-climate wines. Ngeringa operates as a biodynamic closed system farm with vineyards, vegetable gardens, orchards and paddocks that are inhabited by Scottish Highland cattle, sheep, chickens and guinea fowl.



Janet and Erinn Klein


Website https://www.ngeringa.com
WineA delightful rosé for a warm afternoon. Fresh aromas of mandarin and orange blossom, berries, crisp fresh Fuji apples and subtle hints of typical Syrah spice. Great length in the palate, red forest berries and a pleasant silky texture.
Tasting NoteMandarin - Red Apple - Berries


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