2018 Place of Changing Winds Heathcote Syrah No2

ProducerPlace of Changing Winds. Heathcote, Vic
StatusStrict organic practices

The 2016 vintage was the last vintage to be bottled under the Graillot Australia label. In Rob’s words, “We have been working very hard on the viticulture of the Heathcote site now for a long time and we have been fully organic for the last few years and we will begin the certification process before the next harvest. As a result of this and other farming practices that have been implemented very strictly over the last couple of years, we believe we have seen some significant improvement in the fruit and the expression of place and we therefore believe that the time is right to emphasize the vineyard and region over the makers. The Graillots are fully in agreement.” With the wines now made at Place of Changing Winds—by Rob and Remi Jacquemain—going forward these Heathcote wines can now be seen as part of the Place of Changing Winds family.


Rob and Remi Jacquemain

WineThe Syrah No. 2 comes mostly from short- and medium-length macerations (one to two weeks) and is made with 100% whole cluster, natural yeast fermentations and no sulphur additions until well after malolactic. Bottling occurred after 12 months aging in neutral oak and in a range of different formats: 1000lt, 2000lt, barriques, 500lt and 600lt. The result is a spicy, medium-bodied Syrah, closer in weight to many Northern Rhône wines than what we typically expect from Heathcote. It offers loads of spice, energy and drive, and the complex aromas and flavours of dark plum, olive, bay leaf and tobacco. 12.4% ABV.
Tasting NoteDark plum - Bay leaf - Complex
DrinkDinner Party


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