2017 Superfly Grenache Mataro

ProducerRock of Wisdom
RegionBarossa Valley, SA
StatusSustainable practices

Pet (Rock) and Sofi (Wisdom) are proud Barossians, making cool and edgy wines with minimal intervention and approachable ethos that show the softer side off the Barossa. Bringing drinkability to the fore, wines made to drink, not discuss. Wise people say that all wines should be tasted. Wiser people say that some wines should be sipped. Wisdom says for others, drink the whole bottle. We are that bottle.


Sofi and Pete Hiscock

Website https://rock-of-wisdom.myshopify.com
WineA blend of Grenache 80% + Mataro 20% with spicy red fruit, some savouriness. Moorish. Enough said.
Tasting NoteRaspberry - Spice - Savoury


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