2017 Temple Bruer Grenache Shiraz

ProducerTemple Bruer
RegionEden Valley/Langhorne Creek/Loxton, SA
StatusCertified Organic with The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA)

‘Good for you and the earth you’re standing on’ is the philosophy behind Temple Bruer. Led by David and Michael Bruer, their vineyards and winery are both certified organic and carbon neutral (one of the few Aussie producers to be both), and their wines made with minimal handling. State of the art bottling technologies allows them to produce preservative free wines across their entire range.


Kate Wall and Verity Cowley

Website https://templebruerwines.com
WineFlavours of cherry, raspberry, almond, cedar and clove. There is so much brightness and flavour in this wine, well balanced with soft tannins. (Vegan-friendly)
Tasting NoteRed Cherry - Clove - Crunchy
DrinkSeries Binge


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