2018 Anti-Hero Pinot Noir

ProducerHeroes Vineyard
RegionOtway Hinterland-Geelong, Vic
StatusOrganic practices (working towards certification)

The Heroes vineyard is a passion project of James and Eloise Thomas. The vineyard is sustainably grown (zero synthetic pesticides used) and the best possible quality wines are produced without compromise using non-interventionist techniques: no irrigation, no additions, no fining or filtering (reds), natural yeasts, and minimal sulphur additions at bottling only. Wines contain sulphur levels below the organic threshold. These wines are made to stand up on their merit, wines that reflect their origins.


James Thomas

Website http://heroesvineyard.com
WineDelicious light, drink now Pinot Noir. Aromas of your nana's rose garden and her cooking red fruit jams. In the mouth all those wonderful pinot flavours - earthy, cooked strawberry and a lingering vanilla softening the tannins.
Tasting NoteRed fruits - Earthy - Roses
DrinkDinner Party