2018 Billy Button Col Fondo Prosecco

ProducerBilly Button. Alpine Region, Vic
StatusSourced form various sustainable vineyards

Billy Button is named after the yellow native flowers shaped like balls that bounce on the tops of the Alpine Valleys. Billy Button Wines burst onto the scene in 2014. With a wealth of established vineyards in the region tended to by dedicated growers, there was no reason for Billy Button to establish their own vineyards. Instead they work with a number of highly accomplished local growers to secure some of the best fruit available in the region. The wines they make focus on varietal diversity.


Jo Marsh, Glenn James and Alex Phillips

Website https://www.billybuttonwines.com.au
Wine100% Prosecco made a little differently, just like a pet-nat. The second fermentation takes place in the bottled and capped before fermentation finished to tap the bubbles. This means lees and sediment are left in the bottle to add to texture and complexity. No sugar added (dosage) or extra sulphur. **Limited**
Tasting NoteNashi pear - Complex - Crunchy


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Billy Button winemaking team