2018 Farm Wine Pink Pet Nat

ProducerThe Wine Farm
RegionGippsland, Vic
StatusAustralian Demeter Biodynamic in-conversion

In 2014, Anna and Neil Hawkins poured their joint worldly effects into a small property they thought might just have everything they needed to start creating their own little world. Great soil, seven acres of vines, a big old shed and lots of bedrooms to fill. They immediately began farming organically.

Neil on purchasing the vineyard, “One advantage of purchasing an existing vineyard is that for once age is on your side.  In our case 20 to 25-year-old roots trucking up the all-important minerals from deep within the soil profile. We farm the vines without the use of insecticides, just copper, sulphur and a pair of hands to combat the mildews. With more emphasis on the latter pair than the former we harness nature’s predators, sun and air, to control powdery and downy mildew respectively. Under no circumstances whatsoever will we use herbicides, systemic fungicides or insecticides in our vines/on our property. The most important life on The Wine Farm (family and pets aside) is what crawls beneath the soils.”

With a focus on soil rejuvenation and controlling weeds with nothing but a whipper snipper below the vines and a mower deck between them, the essential micro-organisms are allowed to thrive and aid the transfer of minerals from soil to vine and ultimately glass. The grapes are hand harvested and gravity is used to move the wine and there’s no filter on The Wine Farm or fining either. No additions apart from 20ppm of sulphur at bottling and if this can be avoided it will. Bottling is also done on-site with a gravity-fed hand bottling unit and sealed with natural cork and wax.


Neil Hawkins


Website http://thewinefarm.com.au
WinePale pink in colour with a palate of sour cherry, plum flesh, strawberry, peach and citrus fruits along with hints of yeast, rose water and an earthy/grapey note, it finishes with lift and zesty character. It has been disgorged to remove the extra material making for an elegant and refreshing bubbly Rosé.
Tasting NoteRose - Earthy - Zesty
DrinkHappy Hour


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