2018 Juxtaposed ‘Bigger Boat’ Fiano

ProducerDodgy Brothers Wine
RegionMcLaren Vale, SA
StatusSustainable practices

Founder Peter Bolte and a mate first started making wine from fruit negotiated on a handshake from top growers. They had the knowledge, passion and some dodgy old equipment to start the crush. The ongoing antics lead the 9 year old son of Peter’s partner calling them the Dodgy Brothers.

The Dodgy Bros are all about small lot winemaking, with fruit from sites that show regional and sub regional characters. They make modern and serious expressions of McLaren Vale wines, but also like to have a good time and don’t take themselves too seriously. Today the Dodgy Brothers are made up of a viticulturist (Peter Bolte), a grower (Peter Somerville) and a winemaker (Wes Pearson). Wines of character made by characters.

Juxtaposed wine range are free-form – they are not beholden to any rules or structure – but they also expressions of the place from which they come. These wines reflect the culture and climate of their place, but are not manipulated or over handled.


Wes Pearson

Website https://www.dodgybrotherswines.com/
WineThe wine was not crushed but destemmed, then whole berry pressed to both barrels and tank. Barrels were fermented wild with full solids while the tank portion was racked of gross lees before undergoing fermentation using cultured yeast. No other additions were made. After primary fermentation was complete, the wines were racked off gross lees to tank and then kept at 0°c for 4 months with no SO2 in order to allow the yeast lees to remain active and offer protection from oxidation and develop texture in the wine, but with the cold temperatures preventing the onset of malolactic fermentation. A small amount of SO2 was then added and the wine was bottled without fining or filtration.
Tasting NoteLemon - Savoury - Textural


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