2018 II Modo Rosso

ProducerLethbridge. Heathcote & Mildura, Vic
StatusOrganic practices

The Modo Wines are the culmination of twenty years of experimentation by Ray & Maree Nadeson at their well established Lethbridge winery in the Geelong wine region. Il Modo meaning the way is a focused exploration of ‘alternative’ Mediterranean varietals arguably more suited to the warm climates of Heathcote and Mildura in which they are mostly grown. Its a deliberate and considered exploration of the future direction and potential of the Australian wine industry. The wines are fermented on skins in 800Lt Tuscan Amphora for 11 months and have been inspired by the great wines of Italy’s South and islands. Whilst alternative in varietal and in production the wines are fundamentally grounded by both balance and deliciousness. Saluti! “We always start the same way, with a pile of books and bottles. Our philosophy is then to follow tradition. Once we can taste, smell and feel the results we can then go down the experimental pathway which can lead us anywhere…”


Ray Nadeson and Maree Collis

Website https://www.lethbridgewines.com/Home
WineA blend of Nebbiolo, Pinot Noir, Schiopettino. Made by Lethbridge Wines, fermented and rested in 800LT Tuscan, handmade amphora for 11 months. Cherries and dried herbs on the nose, vibrant plums and cooking spices on the palate. Delicious drinking.
Tasting NoteBlack cherry - Plums - Complex
DrinkDinner Party


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