2018 Nunc Pinot Gris

ProducerNunc. Yarra Valley, Vic
StatusOrganic in-conversion with Australian Certified Organic (ACO)

This young Yarra Valley label is sourced and crafted by Arfion maestro Dave Mackintosh. The name is taken from the famous line by the Latin poet Horace, “Nunc est bibendum” [now is the time for drinking].


Dave Mackintosh

WineAll fruit were hand-picked and whole bunch pressed. The lion’s share of fruit was naturally co-fermented in tank, with each parcel added in stages so as to extend the length of the fermentation and enhance the flavour and mouthfeel. Then, a little lower Yarra Pinot Gris was destemmed and fermented on skins for 20 days to extract a little flavour, tannin and colour. After wild alcoholic fermentation the berries were pressed to old barrels to go through natural malolactic fermentation. There were no additions at all, save for a little sulphur at bottling.
Tasting NoteSavoury – Grippy – Textural


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