2018 Paxton The Guesser White

ProducerPaxton Wines
RegionMcLaren Vale, SA
StatusCertified Biodynamic with NASAA

Established in 1979 by David Paxton & Ang Tolly, Paxton is a family owned wine company. The Paxton family have nurtured their own vineyards in McLaren Vale for three decades. Paxton vineyards are spread across a diverse number of sites and soil types, which are managed without compromise from planting to harvest. David Paxton continues to strive to minimise inputs and manages the Paxton vineyards biodynamically. In 2011 Paxton became a fully certified organic and biodynamic wine producer.

“Biodynamics is the most advanced form of organic farming. It uses natural preparations and composts, to bring the soil and the vine into balance, resulting in exceptionally pure and expressive fruit. Healthy vines make better wines.” David Paxton



Richard Freebairn

Website https://paxtonwines.com
ViticulturistChris Chapman
WineThey call it the Guesser because winemaker Richard keeps them guessing regarding the varietal make-up. A blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Marsanne. A fun, fresh, fabulous and lively style. Crisp dry white, perfect for any occasion!
Tasting NoteCitrus - Stone fruit - Lively


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