2019 Between Five Bells White Wine

ProducerLethbridge Wines. Geelong, Vic

Made at the Lethbridge winery, Between 5 Bells is the brainchild of David Fesq, the 6th generation of a wine family with their origins as Negocients in Bordeaux. His ancestor Georges Fesq came over in 1848 intending only to sell his wares en-route to Sydney and then return to France having spread the seed of the First Growths of Bordeaux. 160+ years later, David has taken the family into a new genre of wine with his 5 Bells wines. The driving ideology of wine is neither of place or varietal. Rather unique wines of Australian origin that are simply delicious to drink.


Ray Nadeson and Maree Collis

Website https://www.lethbridgewines.com/Home
WineA blend of five varieties 80% Fiano 12% Pinot Gris 5% Riesling 2% Chardonnay 1% Pinot Noir. Tangy and fresh, a sense of complexity and has compelling texture.
Tasting NoteSavoury - Tangy - Crunchy


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