2019 Deliverance Chardonnay

ProducerMuddy Water. Waipara, NZ
StatusCertified organic with BioGro

Muddy Water was born almost a quarter-century ago when viticulture pioneers Jane and Michael East recognised the potential for grape growing in the Waipara Valley. They first planted the vineyard in 1993 with a range of experimental varieties with the first wines released in 1996. The Easts retired in 2011 after two decades of winemaking accolades and passed stewardship of Muddy Water to the Thomas family, who own Greystone and continue to create wines with the same ethos of low intervention that truly reflects both site and vintage. Muddy Water is a direct translation of ‘Waipara’.


Dom Maxwell

Website https://www.greystonewines.co.nz
ViticulturistMike Saunders
WineMuddy Water Chardonnay is produced with a lighter touch - citrus, stone-fruits and mineral undertones that reflect the limestone soil. Textural and complex characters with some spice balanced with white peach and a lengthy mineral spine.
Tasting NoteWhite Peach - Mineral - Textural


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