2019 Dormilona Blanco

RegionMargaret River, WA
StatusA mix of Certified Organic and Biodynamic vineyards. From 2018 the Winery will be Certified Organic.

Dormilona is a small batch winery, owned by Josephine and Jimmy Perry and thier two children. They make their wine using fruit from certified and biodynamic vineyards (as well as some conventional grown fruit). In the winery the ethos is very much european making wine with no additives, fining and very little intervention. A touch of sulphur at bottling. Amphora claypots feature in the winery which her kids use at chalkboards. The aim is to make tasty wine with little input. “I do everything by touch and smell and taste”, says Josephine. I don’t have a laboratory because I believe I should be able to taste it. If I think there’s a problem then I send it for tasting. There was an old French guy in a village who said to me, the best laboratory is your palate. And I was like it is!

Dormilona means ‘lazy bones’ in Spanish, representing the laid back style of winemaking. 

Website https://www.dormilona.com.au
ViticulturistJosephine Perry
Wine100% Semillon from the subregion Wallcliff and hand harvested. A mix of whole bunch & skin contact, then basket pressed direct to tank. Lees stirring for a couples of months for extra flavour and texture Racy and refreshing with citrus characters.
Tasting NoteCitrus - Textural - Racy
DrinkHappy Hour


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