2019 Fairbank Ancestrale Sparkling Rosé

ProducerSutton Grange Winery. Bendigo, Vic
StatusUncertified Organic and Biodynamic practices

utton Grange is located on the southern edge of the Bendigo region, and for many years was known for its thoroughbred racing facility. Since planting of the vineyards in 1998 it is now recognised for the wines it produces.Using organic and biodynamic methods, the Sutton Grange creed is make decisions based on “the best interest of the farm”. Producing two labels, Fairbank – the original name of the property in the 19th Century, and the Estate range.

Wines under the Fairbank label are crafted to be approachable, fresh and fruit driven. The Estate wines strongly demonstrate the terroir and characteristics of the farm, also included in the range are some less known varieties such as Aglianico.


Melanie Chester – Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine’s 2015 Young Winemaker of the Year, 2018 Young Gun winemaker People’s Choice and youngest scholar of the Len Evans Tutorial.

WineThe 2019 Ancestrale Rose is a classic rosè, a blend of viognier and shiraz and made in the “methode ancestrale” or “petillant naturel” style. This means the wine finishes the end of the primary fermentation in bottle, capturing the essence of the single vintage and vineyard. It is aged on lees over winter and was lightly disgorged to remove heavy tartrates (although light lees remain). Pale pink, fresh strawberry and rose petal aromas with clean cranberry, tangy flavours on the palate. Dry, bright, zippy and fun.
Tasting NoteCranberry - Tangy - Zippy
DrinkHappy Hour


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