2019 Quealy Pinot Grigio

ProducerQuealy Wines. Mornington Peninsula. Vic
Status100% Organically grown part certified

Founders revered winemakers Kathleen Quealy and Kevin McCarthy planted vines in the Mornington Peninsula in the early ‘90s. Pioneers of pinot grigio/pinot Gris they helped the variety become a household name.? Then there were the study trips to Collio (1995) Alsace (1998), and the pilgrimage to Josko Gravner (2006), each of which had a profound influence on Quealy’s and McCarthy’s thinking—and led to some of Australia’s finest, and earliest attempts at quality skin contact whites: an adventure that continues today.

It’s a family affair with eldest son Tom McCarthy, now taking the winemaking lead. Much of the narrative surrounding this producer has focused on the winemaking side of the story. But the vineyards of this producer were planted in the ’80s and ‘90s and the vast majority of their wines come from vines that they themselves tend, organically. They have been farmers first and winemakers second.

“Organic viticulture poses its challenges, the positives are undeniable. Initially, it was about looking after our local and around farm biology. Unsurprisingly we have found the soil sweeter, more able to provide nutrition and water to the vine because organic mass is increased when nurtured. Our vines a more resilient and invasive species more balanced. Our own vineyard is certified organic whilst the Tussie Mussie Vineyard and Hester are operated uncertified organically” says Quealy Wines.


Tom McCarthy

Website https://quealy.com.au/
WineA winery favourite; 2019 vintage is entirely from winery vineyard sit. Barrel fermentation gives spice and sweet oxygenation before finishing off in the tank. Refreshing natural acidity echoes the fresh ocean air of maritime climate?.
Tasting NotePear - Honey - Seaspray
DrinkDinner Party


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