2019 Scout Pinot x Pinot

ProducerScout Wines
RegionSouth Island, New Zealand
StatusSustainable Practices

Sarah Adamson and Greg Lane officially launched Scout Wines in 2017. Scout the name takes inspiration from Jean Louis ‘Scout’ Finch, the narrator and protagonist of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Scout is both a questioner and an observer, something Sarah and Greg believe important at Scout Wines. They are continually questioning all aspects of grape growing and winemaking, challenging ideas and practices, but also observing how wines are crafted and perfected. Scout Wines is about putting these observations and ideas into practice. The fruit for Scout wines is sourced from sustainably grown vineyards in New Zealand’s South Island.


Sarah Adamson and Greg Lane

Website https://www.scoutwines.co.nz/wine
WineFeatures hand-picked, 100% whole-bunch Pinot Noir, wild-fermented in separate 500kg vats according to site. A technique employed to capture individual vineyard yeasts and site definition. The fruit was then sealed for one week, to encourage carbonic maceration, before some light foot treading and racking to old oak for malo. The Pinot Gris portion, like above, was wild-fermented on skins for 10 days, pressed, then eventually blended back into the main wine before bottling in late June to maximise freshness. The result is a bright, light, crunchy delicious red wine. Super delicious!

Who better to give us a wine review than one of our long-time, loyal customers! Here's what Sarah had to say about Scout's Pinot x Pinot:

"This is such a smooth and unexpectedly refined wine! Despite its finesse, it still has quite a fresh punch to it, no doubt this is coming from the Pinot Gris blended into it. It has such beautiful berry notes with Strawberry being the most dominating. The colour is just stunning, its a mix between red and pink, very inviting. This is the kind of wine you could enjoy on any day, with any food, in any weather. Just sublime."
Tasting NoteRed fruit - Spice - Smooth


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