2019 SubRosa Rosé

ProducerSubRosa. Grampians, Vic
StatusSustainable practices

SubRosa, a micro winery was founded by Grampians winemaker Adam Louder and partner Nancy Panter, producing just 400 cases per year of small batch, low intervention wines. Adam calls his winemaking style intuitive and focuses on low  intervention – with little or no additions throughout the process. SubRosa is latin for ‘under the rose’. In ancient times, a rose was hung over the table as a symbol of secrecy. What was said or happened around the table, stayed at the table. These wines are certainly not keeping quiet, but they are quietly being added to ‘hatted’ restaurants, high-end cafes and Wine Revolution online wine store!


Adam Louder

Wine100% Sangiovese. French-style Rosé. 10 days carbonic maceration, de-stemmed and fermented in French oak, bright and textural. No fining, no filtration. Small production - only 30 dozen.
Tasting NoteRed fruits - Crunchy - Crisp
DrinkDinner party


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