2019 Xavier Halfway to Heaven Chardonnay

ProducerXavier Goodridge. Gippsland, Vic
StatusOrganic In-Conversion

Born in Bendigo, Central Victoria, Xavier’s family has a strong horticultural history. Xavier had the opportunity to travel to Beaujolais, an experience that set him on the path to becoming a winemaker. “I was captured by the romanticism of the countryside, growing grapes and making wine, and I knew that’s what I needed to do for myself. With a keen interest in anything that grows, Xavier fell in love with the idea of growing something and turning it into a product that he could share with family and friends. In terms of philosophy, Xavier’s winemaking process is refreshingly simple, “to do as little as possible between vine to fermentation vessel to bottle”. The grapes are raised with care using organic farming methods, but you won’t find any helicopter parenting here. “Simplicity and authenticity are the keys for me. We raise the grapes with care to allow them, to express their varietal characteristics and the sites they represent, and then just try not to interfere too much”.


Xavier Goodridge

Wine100% chardonnay. Vibrant, clean and fresh with citrus, pineapple and apple crunch. Subtle oak. Elegant and lingering finish. Very enjoyable! *Limited*
Tasting NoteCitrus – Tropical – Vibrant


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