2020 Mount Macleod Gruner Veltliner

ProducerSouth Gippsland Wine Company, VIC
StatusCertificate Organic with Australian Organic Certified (ACO)

Mark Matthews began working with Caledonia Australis in 2008 after acquiring the major vineyards and assuming day to day responsibility for managing vineyards and winemaking. In late 2009 the Matthews family also acquired both brands and stock thus turning Caledonia Australis and Mount Macleod into a small family domain. Caledonia Australis wines are made unashamedly with a natural and old world hand. The vineyard is dry grown and close planted with vine spacings of 1m and a fruiting wire at 50cm. The vines are entirely hand tended, and made with minimal additives or intervention.

This is the first release of Mark Matthews’ Gru?ner Veltliner. With one eye on Australia’s shifting culinary trends (away from animal protein) and the other on the marginal nature of his site, Matthew decided to produce a lower-alcohol, savoury white from Austria’s signature grape variety. The vineyard—organic from inception and surrounded on three sides by a small forest planted by Mark Matthews many moons ago — has three clones of Gru?ner covering just over three acres.


Mark Matthews

Website http://southgippslandwinecompany.com
WineWild- fermented and raised mainly in stainless steel, with one neutral barrel in the mix to add breadth and complexity. It’s a striking, savoury dry white with intense white pepper and green plum aromas and flavours, along with something exotic akin to guava or even rosewater. It’s got texture but it’s overall very racy, with a sappy, cool close. 11.5 % ABV. Gippsland Gruner Veltliner!
Tasting NoteGreen pear - White pepper - Racy
DrinkFavourite takeaway


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