2020 Ricca Terra Nero d’Avola

ProducerRicca Terra. Riverland, SA
StatusSustainable practices

In 2003 Ashley and Holly Ratcliff purchased a small 8Ha vineyard in the Riverland, South Australia. The vineyard was called Ricca Terra (Italian for Rich Earth). The soils found throughout the vineyard are red earth over limestone, which have the reputation for being very fertile. The vineyard purchased was planted to Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ruby Cabernet and Sultana.

Ashley and Holly’s primary intent after purchasing the vineyard was to plant grape varieties appropriately suited to Australia’s warming and drying climatic conditions (Chardonnay was not one of these grape varieties).  Their second intent was to manage their vineyards in a manner that would produce high-quality wines. This resulted in the elimination of machine pruning and harvesting in many of their vineyards, which is a common occurrence throughout the Riverland.

Today (2019) Ricca Terra’s spread of vineyards is in excess of 80Ha, and one of the largest producers of climate adaptive grape varieties in South Australia.


Ashley Ratcliff

Website https://www.riccaterra.com.au/wines
WineNero d’Avola was introduced to Ricca Terra Farms out of pure frustration during the millennium drought. Faced with the reality of a limited supply of irrigated water in the future, this grape variety can withstand the warm and dry climate of the Riverland region. It is now a flagship variety of the region - its resilience and ability to thrive with minimum inputs such as water makes it Ricca Terra's 'king of kings’. Barrel fermented for two months in old oak. Approximately 10% whole bunch. Minimal filtration at bottling.

Tasting NoteBlack Cherry - Tabacco - Full-body


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