2020 See Saw SAMM

ProducerSee Saw. Orange, NSW
StatusCertified Organic with Australian Organic Certified

“We don’t inherit the earth from our Ancestors we borrow it from our children”.

Vignerons Pip and Justin Jarrett have been growing grapes in the cool climate of Orange, NSW for twenty five years. Their philosophy: to create balance and harmony through organic and sustainable farming practices. This sustainable ethos is cultivated into the 170 hectares under vine over three sites of varying elevations from 750m to 900m above sea level all with multiple varieties including the regions only prosecco. From vintage 2019 onwards, all See Saw range wines are organically certified and vegan.

See Saw wines go beyond organics with their efforts in sustainability reaching across the business. Natural resources, water and energy and managed efficiently. Recycling as well as reducing environmental waste are high priorities as well. With the addition of three 10kw solar systems, combined with the current work practices, See Saw wines are one of the leading sustainable vineyards in NSW.

A balanced ecosystem in the vineyard is reflected in the wines with minimal intervention winemaking. To be classified as Orange, vines have to be planted higher than 600 metres above sea level. Justin spends his days going up and down between his vineyards, hence the name See Saw Wines.


Justin & Pip Jarret

Website https://seesawwine.com
WineWild fermentation started while the grapes were fully intact. After 18 days the carbonic maceration was finished and the fruit was gently pressed into stainless steel tanks where eees were stirred through fortnightly for 5 months to increased complexity.
Tasting NoteTropical fruits - Citrus - Juicy
DrinkHappy Hour


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