What sets us apart

Natural Wines

Wine Revolution connects rebellious wine drinkers with revolutionary winemakers.

We chose not to become just another player in the wine industry, because it wouldn’t be true to who we are.

We’re tenacious, in love with good wine, and on a mission to get people drinking in a way that’s naturally better for the planet, better for their health and better tasting too!

Supporting Sustainable Winemakers

Above all, we care about the process of wine creation, from soil to grape to winemaking to first sip. We know that every single step of the way, the additives, technology, and methods used can have a lasting impact on the environment as well as wine’s aromas and flavours.

That’s why we’ve made it our purpose to support those winemakers who are willing to invest that little bit more to give you a glass that’s a true reflection of the vineyard.

We work exclusively with passionate sustainable winemakers, the majority of which are small producers. We’re here to help promote this niche yet fastest growing wine category and tap into wine lovers who are bored with the monotony of mass-produced, identikit wines. These rebellious drinkers know what they want in their wine: authenticity and real flavors. Ultimately, it’s all about wine that matches their lifestyle and planet friendly values.

Fighting the Good Fight!

We’ll be honest with you, there are sustainable online wine shops, but how do you know what to choose? Sure, your local wine shop stocks some organic wines, but the selection is more often than not small, boring and overpriced.

By doing the research, removing the guesswork, and selecting the best is what sets Wine Revolution apart. All our wines are hand-picked and taste tested to ensure they’ll leave a smile on your face. We promise a Drink Happy guarantee.

We’re not just an online retailer, we also run offer masterclass tastings with the Tasting Assembly. Learn about and taste in the comfort of your home with friends and family or at work with your colleagues. We want to be a central figure in the revolt against the status quo, support sustainable winemakers and educate the market about planet friendly wines.

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